Shea Streetscape Design Guidelines

What Is It?Thumbnail_SheaStreetscape

Specific streetscape design enhancement guidelines for landscape and hardscape for east Shea Boulevard.

City Council adopted - January 1994

Where Does It Apply?

The Shea Streetscape Design Guideline encompasses all of Shea Boulevard east of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard to the city boundary at 144th Street.

Why Was It Developed?

Shea Blvd Streetscape Guidelines (PDF)

City Council directed staff to develop specific streetscape design enhancement guidelines for landscape/hardscape for east Shea Boulevard to provide a unified image as a follow-up to the 1993 Shea Area Plan.

Key Points:

  1. Landscape theme - Native natural desert median and ROW edges. Theme trees include Foothill Palo Verde, Velvet Mesquite, Ironwood, & Saguaro.
  2. A boulevard symbol was created for identity.
  3. Art Enhanced city gateway & entry monument proposed.
  4. Development walls are discouraged. When walls are necessary they should be low with vertical and horizontal undulations, vertical and horizontal openings, niches for plants, and muted desert tones.
  5. Light pole color scheme using Cicada #5543 Frazee or Mysic Green 8594M Frazee or equal paint.
  6. Step back of building floors above single story and tall buildings set back further from scenic corridor, major wash, or vista corridor.
  7. 10' sidewalks should be provided along each side of street, set back from curb as far as possible, gentle meandering , & returning to curb at drives & intersections.
  8. Maintenance behind each curb is the responsibility of adjacent property owner, the median is city's responsibility.
  9. Scenic Corridor Design Guidelines shall apply in addition to Shea
    Streetscape Guidelines.

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