Frank Lloyd Wright Streetscape Design Guidelines

Frank Lloyd Wright Streetscape

What Is It?

Specific streetscape enhancement design guidelines for landscape, hardscape, development walls, civil structures, etc. for Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard.

City Council adopted - February 1991, amended September 2011

Where Does It Apply?

Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd from Scottsdale Road to Shea Boulevard - applied to the Boulevard right of way and the landscaped area between the right of way line up to, and including, the development walls. Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard is a buffered setback designated road.

Why Was It Developed?

Frank Lloyd Wright Streetscape Guidelines (PDF)

To create a streetscape theme that reflects the Frank Lloyd Wright design theory of creating the built environment through the inspiration of nature and organic forms (It is the intent of these guidelines to reflect a planting them that outlines this approach to a landscape element for Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard).

Key Points:

  1. Minimum buffered set back distance of 40' from R.O.W. is strongly encouraged.
  2. Landscape theme - desert with theme trees of Mesquites, Palo Berea, and Saguaro.
  3. Boulevard theme symbol designed by Taliesin.
  4. Pedestrian walks offset (meandering) with symbol stamped at 50' intervals. Pavers and symbol patterned edging for curb returns and cross walks. Colored stamped asphalt as paver alternate. Bomanite color "Coco Plum".
  5. Wright inspired development walls with horizontal and vertical offsets, deep textures and colors of desert, metal work and accent block reflecting theme symbol are encouraged.
  6. Wright inspired street hardware, furniture, and civil structures with theme colors & theme symbol.
  7. Theme colors (w/ Frazee numbers):
    • Taliesin Red (Bungalow) (4214D) or Ruby River 8375D
    • East Wind (4954D) or Calypso 7115D
    • Lighthouse (5015A) or Dark Quest 8496A
    • Electric Blue (5054D) or Electron Blue 7075D
    • Warm White (5930W) or Pavilion 8260W
    • Terra Cotta (4334D) or Tawny Copper 7825D
    • Villa Tan (4351W) or Mission Biege 7803M
    • Red Earth (4273M) or Cajun Spice 7855D
    • Plymouth Red (4275A) or Tomahawk 7856A

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