Sundown Ranch Neighborhood Plan

What is it?

This Neighborhood Plan is the result of two planning processes (1997 and 2003) initiated by area residents to identify and prioritize actions leading to the preservation and enhancement of the special characteristics and qualities of their neighborhood as the neighborhood matures.

Effective September 2003


Where does it apply?

The Sundown Ranch Estates neighborhood is generally bounded by Shea Boulevard, Cactus Road, Sundown Drive, and Hayden Road, with the exception of the Scottsdale Country Club.

Who needs to use it?

Residents of this neighborhood and adjacent property owners (when planning any improvements or changes to their property), City staff, City Council, Planning Commission, Citizens.

Why was it developed?

This Plan was initiated by the residents of Sundown Ranch in 1997. In 2003, a core group of neighbors asked the City to revise the 1997 Plan in an effort to respond to anticipated zoning changes along the edge of their neighborhood. City staff created an update to the Plan that responded to their immediate concerns.

Key Points:

  1. The Sundown Ranch Estates neighborhood, covers a total land area of 105 acres and is home to 80 households. The area was developed with custom single story homes between the early 1960's and 1970's.
  2. The residential portion of this neighborhood is zoned R1-35. The neighborhood is included in the Rural Neighborhoods Land Use category of the General Plan, generally allowing 1/2 to 1 dwelling unit per acre.
  3. There is no formal Homeowners Association in this neighborhood.
  4. The Plan was initiated by residents in response to concerns about potential changes in use and rezoning activity in the area. The planning process was collaborative, City staff facilitated several working group and open house meetings in conjunction with the resident core group
  5. The principal issues identified by the Neighborhood Plan include:
    1. Maintain the low scale/rural residential character of the neighborhood.
    2. Stabilize the neighborhood by opposing commercial development.
    3. Mitigate speeding and cut-through traffic along Sundown Drive.
    4. Protect the rural character of the neighborhood from traffic-related noises along Shea Boulevard.
  6. Neighbors would like to maintain Sundown Drive as a narrow local street with desert character, no curbs, sidewalks, or streetlights.
  7. Residents enjoy adjacency with the Starfire Golf Course at Scottsdale Country Club and would like to preserve that use in the future.

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