Peaceful Valley Neighborhood Plan

Peaceful ValleyWhat is it?

This Neighborhood Plan is the result of a neighborhood enhancement planning process initiated by area residents to identify and prioritize actions leading to the preservation and enhancement of the special characteristics and qualities of their neighborhood.

Completed - July 1992

Where does it apply?

The Peaceful Valley neighborhood is located near Downtown Scottsdale and is generally bounded by Miller Road, Indian Bend Wash, Osborn Road and 2nd Street.

Why was it developed?

The Plan was initiated by residents who expressed an interest in participating in the city’s neighborhood enhancement program. The neighborhood desire was to have a plan which addressed the issues and goals identified by the residents and which provided a range of options to assist in achieving the desired results.

Key Points:

  1. The 141 homes which make up the Peaceful Valley neighborhood area all zoned R1-7, single family residential. Formerly a dairy farm, Peaceful Valley originally consisted of a couple dozen homes along the bank of the Indian Bend Wash in 1954.
  2. This neighborhood is included in the Suburban Neighborhoods Land Use category of the General Plan, generally allowing 1-8 dwelling units per acre. At the time of the creation of the Peaceful Valley neighborhood plan, the Land Use category was 14, Single Family Residential, 2-4 dwelling unites per acre.
  3. There is no formal Homeowners Association in this neighborhood.
  4. A decorative entry feature was designed and built, identifying Peaceful Valley at an entrance to the neighborhood to provide the area with a sense of identity and help foster neighborhood pride.
  5. The placement of signs and traffic cones at 3rd Street, 4th Street, and Osborn Road prior to the start of major stadium events helps prevent parking by attendees of these events in the neighborhood.
  6. The implementation of the Peaceful Valley plan was a cooperative effort between the city and the Peaceful Valley residents. While sponsored by the Neighborhood Enhancement Commission, the success of the plan rested upon the self-help efforts of the residents and the continued support from the city.

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