Continue Working with Residents, Businesses and SkySong to Revitalize the McDowell Road Corridor

Develop, prioritize and implement actions that promote the revitalization of the McDowell Corridor area, tops the list of City Council priorities in the Organization Strategic Plan. The area faced economic decline with the closing of Los Arcos Mall and the loss of longstanding car dealerships, but is now experiencing a rebirth. Properties in the Corridor face some unique challenges, and addressing those challenges may require looking at reinvestment in new ways.

The Council has articulated a number of principles, including:

  • Actions must be realistic and have tangible results
  • Costs and benefits must be proportional
  • Business recruitment in the Corridor should include innovation, high tech, and educational perspectives.

Main street of skysong

Scottsdale is making progress on its efforts to revitalize the McDowell Corridor. Revitalizing the McDowell Road Corridor while simultaneously protecting adjacent neighborhoods is among the top priorities of the Scottsdale City Council.

Contact Information

  Adam Yaron
  Planning & Development Area Manager 
  P: 480-312-2761
  Email: [email protected]

  Taylor Reynolds
  Principal Planner
  P: 480-312-7924
  Email: [email protected]