Paiute Neighborhood Center: Upcoming Projects

The City of Scottsdale is in the early planning stages for two different projects at Paiute Neighborhood Center. The center opened in 1995 to fulfill a need for community programs and social services.

The city provides crisis case management and offices for the Scottsdale Housing Agency on the campus. The city operates the campus with partner non-profit agencies providing services under the umbrella of city management.

  • Headstart and Early Headstart
  • First Things First Family Resource Center
  • Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center Community School
  • Hirsch Academy Title 1 Charter School

The first project will replace aging structures that comprise office space where staff serves the community with a new 22,700 square foot building. This project was approved and funded as part of the 2019 Bond Election.

The second project would add 28 affordable housing units to the Paiute Campus. This project would be funded separately and add a second story to the new building.

Bond Project 25: Replacing Aging Buildings that Comprises Paiute Community Center

The City of Scottsdale intends to begin design of a new building to replace the aging structures that currently comprise the Paiute Neighborhood Center. The current buildings are aging, in constant need of repair and do not allow the city to best meet the needs of the community.

This project will include construction of the new facility next to the existing structures, redesign of the parking lot and include demolition of the old facility. The new facility is part of the Community Services Master Plan and can be constructed in such a manner as to support all current agreements with partner agencies (Hirsch Academy, etc.) and ensure the long-term viability of those agreements. This project was approved as part of the 2019 Bond Election.

The Residence at Paiute

The city is considering a separate project to add a 2nd story to the new building. This separately funded addition would consist of up to 28 affordable housing units. Any design for such a project will take into account all relevant building codes and ordinances.

At this time, it is the City’s intent to provide information and gather input from the community. The project will incorporate funds from Maricopa County.

Scottsdale Demographics

  • The Housing Choice Voucher Program (Scottsdale Housing Authority) has 124 seniors and 456 disabled families on the City’s HCV waitlist. 760 people who are also on the City’s waitlist.
  • Three Senior Affordable Housing properties in Scottsdale have a total of 438 seniors on the waitlist.
  • Scottsdale Senior Centers assisted 16 seniors with rent and eviction prevention in the last 12 months.

Community Outreach

Please let us know what you think about these projects by filling out the public comment form.

Design work on these projects has not officially begun, but when it does there will be a public involvement component so you can give us feedback on what the new building will look like. The project will also go though the City of Scottsdale’s Public Hearing process which has many opportunities for public involvement.

Two informational meetings were held on Wednesday, Sept. 6, where an overview of both projects was discussed. View the presentation or review the fact sheet to learn more.

Project Information

Bond Project 25: Replacing Aging Buildings that Comprises Paiute Community Center

Budget: $11.2 million

Sponsoring Division: Community Services

Funding Source: Bond 2019

Contact Information: Project Manager Roger Berna, [email protected], 480-312-7845

The Residence at Paiute

Budget: TBD

Sponsoring Division: Human Services

Funding Source: Maricopa County and City of Scottsdale

Contact Information: Rachel Smetana, [email protected], 480-312-2529

Visit the Paiute Neighborhood Center page.

Paiute Neighborhood Center Campus Map (PDF)