Osborn Road Improvements


Project Update

Construction work on improvements to Osborn Road between Scottsdale and Hayden roads began in April 2022 and will take place though April 2023. Work will also includes upgrades to an existing waterline in the intersection of Osborn and Miller roads.

Construction work will occur between the hours of 6 a.m. – 5 p.m. In general, traffic restriction will be in place along the entire corridor. One travel lane will be open in each direction.

Miller Road NORTH of Osborn Road Open; Miller Road SOUTH of Osborn Road Closed

osborn road closed at miller

Miller Road, south of Osborn Road, will be closed to all traffic to expedite the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Miller and Osborn roads. The hard closure will take place for approximately 200 feet immediately south of the intersection. Access to all businesses and residences on Miller Road will be maintained.

  • Miller Road NORTH of the intersection open
  • Miller Road SOUTH of the intersection close
  • Osborn Road will be open to westbound travel only though the intersection
  • Turns will be permitted from westbound Osborn Road to northbound Miller Road
  • Turns will be permitted from southbound Miller Road to westbound Osborn Road

In December, crews will need to work on additional utility relocations discovered on the south side of Osborn Road during the first phase of construction, and then begin construction of the southern portion of the roundabout.

The roundabout is expected to be paved and open to traffic in each direction in early March 2023. Temporary lane closures are expected through April 2023 to complete landscaping and minor adjustments to the roadway.

Stops on the Scottsdale Trolley Miller/Hayden (MLHD) route on Miller Road between Earll Drive and Indian School Road will be relocated. The stops will be approximately two blocks west to Civic Center Plaza / Drinkwater Blvd.; look for blue temporary bus stop signs.

Project Background

The project will include bike lanes, raised and flush medians, pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements, a roundabout at the intersection of Osborn and Miller roads, a sidewalk connection to Osborn Park and new sidewalk access from Osborn Road to the pedestrian bridge just west of the Indian Bend Wash.

The Osborn Road Improvements are a “complete street project” which will ensure the corridor is safe for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers. The project will be funded through Federal Grants and Scottsdale’s Transportation Sales Tax.

Community Outreach

Virtual Public Meeting: Spring 2021

The following materials were presented at at virtual public meeting in February and March of 2021:



Public Meeting #1: September 30, 2019

Our first public meeting was held on Monday, September 30, 2019. Review the materials that were presented at the meeting here.

Open House Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

The project begins just east of Scottsdale Road and ends just east of 81st Street, west of Hayden Road. This project also includes portions of the north and south legs of the Osborn Road and Miller Road intersection.

A “complete streets project” means that the corridor will be designed and constructed to allow safe access for all modes of transportation, including pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles of all sizes.

Major issues driving the need for this project include improving safety and corridor connectivity for all modes of transportation. This project was identified as part of City of Scottsdale’s 2016 Transportation Master Plan as a roadway segment in need of safety and connectivity improvements to increase the quality of life for residents, businesses and the traveling public.

No, Osborn Road will remain two lanes of vehicular travel in each direction.

Changes are being made to the intersection of Osborn Road and Miller Road to improve the safety of the intersection primarily based on accident history. The changes will increase intersection safety, establish multi-modal traffic accommodations, and corridor connectivity.

During the pre-design phase, multiple intersection configurations were studied & analyzed. Ultimately, it was determined that a roundabout will reduce the number and severity of vehicle crashes, make the intersection more efficient by increasing both the AM and PM levels of travel satisfaction, reduce vehicle speeds that will improve safety of the corridor and the interactions between bicycles, pedestrians and vehicles.

The project will install new pedestrian ramps, sidewalks, driveway connections, new signage and new striping to accommodate bike lanes and cross walks. Highly visible Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) signals will be installed at each crossing and on all corners of the roundabout. These RRFB’s are activated by pedestrians when crossing Osborn or Miller Road and will alert the approaching traffic accordingly with high-intensity patterned strobe lighting. Street and pedestrian lighting will be installed at the roundabout to make sure pedestrians can be seen by traffic any time day or night.

Proposed median and parkway areas will receive new landscaping, irrigation, hardscape and potential art components. The planting pallet includes a variety of natural southwest desert oasis vegetation including Pine and Oak trees as well as natural ground cover including Hesperaloe, Daisies and Bougainvillea. These new areas will enhance the adjacent existing landscaping to blend in with the surrounding area. The remainder of the landscaping effort will restore existing landscaped areas disturbed as a result of construction. Existing plant material, hardscape and irrigation will be restored to match, or make better.

Street and pedestrian lighting will be installed at the Osborn and Miller roundabout to make sure pedestrians can be seen by traffic any time day or night. The project will not light the entire roadway, but will install lighting to enhance the safety at mid-block crossings at the hospital, west of Drinkwater Boulevard. Lighting will also be installed or enhanced at the new retaining wall connecting Osborn Park to Osborn Road to make sure pedestrians and bicyclists can see where they are going at night.

Utility relocations will begin during the Spring of 2021. Construction is slated to begin during the summer of 2021 and expected to take 12 months to complete.

Project Schedule

Spring 2019 Data Gathering & Traffic Analysis
Summer & Fall 2019 Develop Preferred Alternative
September 2019 Public Meeting #1
Spring 2020 – Spring 2021 Design
Feb. 22 – Mar. 5, 2021 Public Meeting #2 (Virtual)
Spring 2022 Utility Relocations Begin
Spring 2022-Spring 2023 Construction

Project Information

Budget: 4.36 Million

Sponsoring Division: Transportation

Location: Osborn Road, from Scottsdale Road to 655 feet east of Hayden Road