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Water Conservation Publications

Scottsdale offers a variety of free publications for its residents. Once you have reviewed the publications, check brochures you would like mailed to you and complete the requested information. Please note most brochures are available online in digital format.

Xeriscape Brochure CoverXeriscape: Landscaping with Style in the Arizona Desertlinks to external site

Provides a guide for planning, installing and caring for your landscape.

PlantsPublicaitonLandscape Plants for the Arizona Desert links to external site

A guide to growing more than 200 low-water-use plants.

Landscape Watering by the Numbers Cover SmallerLandscape Watering by the Numberslinks to external site

Gives instruction for determining how much water your plants need.

SHWG TinyFind & Fix Leaks that are Draining your Budget - A Smart Home Water Guide links to external site

An easy step-by-step guide to help you find leaks and become more water-efficient.

Harvesting Rainwtaer For Landscape UseHarvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use


How to capture scarce rainwater for irrigation.

Residential Landscape Revitalization Workbook  (PDF)

A 5-step workbook designed to assist you with renovating your front yard landscape.

Grow Native! Don't Plant a pestGrow Native! Don't plant a pestlinks to external site


Highlights native non-invasive plants.
Desert Lawn CareDesert Lawn Carelinks to external site


Follow the easy, practical advice to maintain a water-efficient lawn.

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