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Scottsdale City Council adopts water-saving landscape ordinance

The Scottsdale City Council Monday took a significant step towards amplifying the city’s water conservation efforts by adopting an ordinance that limits water-intensive landscapes at new single-family homes. 

Scottsdale Ordinance 4606 prohibits natural grass in the front yards of new single-family homes constructed or permitted after Aug. 15 – a measure supported unanimously by the City Council and a nod to Scottsdale’s collaboration with Colorado Basin Municipal and Public Water Providers to implement new water efficiency practices. 

Feedback gathered from Scottsdale Water customers in June found that 86% support the initiative, prompting the adjustment to the city’s revised code.  

It’s a positive step that supports responsible use of our water resources and an initiative that works in tandem with Scottsdale Water’s existing residential and commercial rebate programs that offer water saving options and maintain the beauty and functionality of Scottsdale's neighborhoods. 

“The City Council's decision further establishes Scottsdale’s commitment to sustainable water management,” said Brian Biesemeyer, Scottsdale’s Water’s executive director. “By adopting this ordinance, Scottsdale aims to lead the way in water conservation practices, setting an example for other communities across the region.”  

In 2022, the city set out to reduce municipal water use by at least 5% and asked residents and businesses to do the same. In 2023, Scottsdale again challenged its water customers to save 5%. In the first six months of this year, city government operations led the charge, reducing water use by 9% when compared to the average past three years. Residents and businesses stepped up as well, reducing water use by 7% when compared to the average past three years and 5% better than last year. Those results combined to save about 657 million gallons of water.     

“When we all work together to save a little, the totals can be quite amazing,” said Biesemeyer.  

For more information about Scottsdale's water conservation initiatives, the newly adopted ordinance and water saving rebate options, visit ScottsdaleAZ.gov, search “water.” 

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