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Scottsdale Water’s robust rebate program now open

Scottsdale Water’s highly popular rebate program is now open for residents and businesses to take advantage of water saving opportunities and get financial incentives for their conservation efforts.

Typically, this opportunity starts each year in July, but due to increased popularity and demand, the conservation office has opened the program early.

Highlights to this year’s rebate program include:

Residential grass removal rebate set at $2 per square foot – up to a total of $5,000 per property. Grass must be replaced with approved desert-friendly landscape and pre-approved by the conservation office before any grass is removed from the property.

Residential in-ground pool or spa removal of up to $1 per square foot of water surface area plus $400.

Multifamily, HOAs, and commercial businesses may qualify for a grass removal rebate of up to $40,000 when removing large amounts of grass with an additional bonus of up to $10,000 when removing strips of grass adjacent to the street.

Residents and businesses may qualify for a rebate by installing water efficiency and monitoring technology.

Each of these water rebates empowers residents and businesses to implement water savings. By taking small steps to increase water conservation, residents and businesses can assist the city with its goal of voluntarily saving at least 5% on water use.

Last year’s incentive rebate program saw an increase of nearly 550% from the prior year and shows Scottsdale’s commitment toward water conservation programs. During this same period, the grass removal rebate program received nearly 600 applications – a 164% increase. As a result, more than 401,000 square feet of grass were removed totaling more than 20 million gallons of water saved in subsequent years for the city.

To learn more about the programs offered, or to apply, go to ScottsdaleAZ.gov and search “rebate.” Scottsdale Water’s conservation team is also able to assist with questions; contact [email protected] or call (480) 312-5650.


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