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Scottsdale Water customers receiving EPCOR notices

EPCOR recently sent letters to “shared customers” who receive wastewater services from Scottsdale Water and are also EPCOR water customers. The letters were sent to notify customers about changes to the partnership.

The changes were authorized by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) on June 28, 2023, which include:

EPCOR can assist the city of Scottsdale in the collection of delinquent wastewater bills and/or charges when requested. This may include terminating and/or disconnecting water services to shared customers who are delinquent in wastewater bills owed to Scottsdale, but not necessarily delinquent in water bills owed to EPCOR.

EPCOR can provide information about monthly water consumption by its Scottsdale customers to the city. This data will only be used for the purposes of billing sewer utility services and will not be disclosed or shared except when legally obligated.

If you receive a letter, please note, this is not a bill.

For questions regarding your Scottsdale Water sewage bill and/or this agreement, please call (480) 312-2461.


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