Traffic Sign Questions

May I have a "children at play" sign on my street?

National standards, Arizona law and the City of Scottsdale do not recognize the "Children at play" signs for these reasons: warning signs are designed and intended to advise motorists of an unusual or unexpected physical roadway condition ahead. Signs such as this give the wrong message to both children and parents, fostering a false sense of security.  There is no evidence to show that these signs help reduce the number of pedestrian accidents or lower travel speeds.

Federal standards do not support these signs because the signs are suggesting that it is acceptable behavior for children to play in the streets.

Arizona State Law and the driver's license manual limit the motorists' speed to 25 M.P.H. (miles per hour) in business and residential areas.  It is the driver's responsibility to adjust speed for conditions, and to act reasonable and prudent when encountering conditions that occur in all residential areas.

May I have a speed limit sign on my street?

In accordance with Arizona State Law , the speed limit in a residential or business district is 25 MPH (miles per hour) with or without the presence of a speed limit sign.   Although not required, 25 MPH speed limit signs may be posted at entrances to residential or business areas. Multiple postings of 25 MPH speed limit signs on residential streets not only detracts from a neighborhood's curb appeal, but it often fails to achieve the desired result of reducing the speed of motorists.

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