Business Questionnaire

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What do you believe Scottsdale should do with the majority of its trash?
Do you want to make your business more environmentally sustainable in regards to waste disposal?
Which of these factors keep you from recycling more now? (You may choose more than one)
How likely would you be to pay for recycling service in addition to refuse service if it made your overall monthly bill lower?
How likely would you be to participate in a voluntary incentive program where the city publicly recognizes businesses that meet recycling goals?
How likely would you be to help pay the cost for a public recycling drop-off point nearby for the use of your tenants or customers?
Would you support or oppose a local law requiring recycling at your business?
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Residential Rates

Residential Containers

Container Size Monthly Collection Fee Recycling
20 Gallons * $28.03 ** No additional charge
90 Gallons $28.03 ** No additional charge
Additional Garbage Container $14.22 N/A
Additional Recycling Container No additional charge No additional charge
* 20 Gallon containers only applies for hand collection routes only
** Total fee is $28.03 after applying a $0.04 fee paid to the State of Arizona per Section 49.836
New/Additional/Replacement Trash or Recycling Container Fee is $108.00
Fee will be added to the next billing cycle