Unclaimed Vehicles

The tow company may file for abandoned title and take ownership of any vehicles left unclaimed at the tow yard (after the 30-day hold has expired, when applicable), and you could be charged an abandoned vehicle fee. 

If you will be delayed in recovering the vehicle and wish to request more time, contact the Motor Vehicle Department Abandoned Vehicles Unit at 602-712-8406.

Contact Information

The city has contracted with All City Towing for towing and impound services:
All City Towing
922 E. Gilbert Drive
Tempe, AZ  85281 
Tel: 480-833-7278

Scottsdale Police Department Towing Contacts:
Vehicle Impound Unit - General Towing Questions related to police impounds 
Tel: 480-312-5314

Sgt. Wes Shaffer - Special Events Towing Questions
Tel: 480-312-4390

Sgt. Johnnie Ghiglia-  Private Property Towing Questions
Tel: 480-312-58545