Long Range Planning


By monitoring employment, population, and real estate trends to determine future growth, and needs, of the community; Long Range Planning pro-actively develops and implements Scottsdale’s long-term vision, values, goals, and policies to help guide the physical, economic and social aspects of the city.

Long Range Planning works in partnership with local, regional and state agencies to address opportunities and issues of regional importance. Collaboration with other City departments and private sector interests is focused primarily on achieving goals of local significance.

Community outreach is performed at every level of the long range planning process – regional, citywide, character area, and neighborhood levels – to ensure meaningful public participation and engagement in all projects, plans and implementation programs.


Working in conjunction with the community, City boards and commissions, and City Council, below is a list of the most common functions the Long Range Planning Department performs:

  • Create new, and/or update the City’s General and Character Area Plans
  • Conduct public participation and engagement to ensure planning efforts meet the collective, long range vision and values of the community
  • Undertake and/or review private sector projects that implement the General and Character Area Plans
  • Provide up-to-date community demographic and real estate profiles, forecasts, and trends, to internal and external customers
  • Process amendments to the General and Character Area Plans
  • Perform special planning studies
  • Maintain a focus on the City’s growth areas – Airpark, Old Town and McDowell Corridor

Citywide Plans

Scottsdale General Plan 2035
City-wide plan that guides future growth, services, character, and sustainability of the city. The goals and policies in the plan, are implemented by both private and public sector actions.
Economic Development Strategic Plan (PDF)
This strategic action plan, establishes six primary goals to elevate, enhance and ensure Scottsdale’s economic competitiveness, prosperity, and sustainability.
Trails Master Plan
This plan establishes a comprehensive city-wide network of interconnected trails.
Transportation Master Plan
This plan provides a guide for the transportation system to serve residents, visitors, and the traveling public in Scottsdale. It identifies existing and future attributes of the City's multi-faceted transportation system such a streets, transit routes, non-motorized shared-use paths and bicycle facilities.

Area Specific Plans & Policies

Character Area Plans
These plans include long-range goals for specific geographic areas of the city, in order to provide policy and program direction that helps guide development and maintain the unique characteristics of an area.
Local Area Infrastructure Plans
These plans, for areas of the city that are not master planned or subdivided, ensure that basic infrastructure is provided to all residential dwellings including water lines, sewer lines, streets (paved or unpaved), and emergency/service vehicle access.
Scenic Corridors & Streetscapes
Scenic Corridors are major thoroughfares designated by the General Plan to have scenic desert landscape setbacks, providing a sense of openness for the community. Streetscapes establish specific enhancement guidelines for designated roadways.

Neighborhood Resources & Plans

Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement is the prevention, detection, investigation and enforcement of violations of statutes or ordinances regulating public health, safety, and welfare.
Operation Fix It (OFI)
Is a city-sponsored program, funded solely through in-king and monetary donations, that provides assistance to low-to-moderate income homeowners who are unable to maintain the exterior of their homes due to financial and/or physical constraints. Common types of assistance include landscape maintenance, exterior home painting, handyman repairs and construction of new property fencing.
Neighborhood Advisory Commission
The Neighborhood Advisory Commission advises and makes recommendations to the city council on policies, plans, strategies and programs for the preservation, improvement and revitalization of Scottsdale’s neighborhoods.
Neighborhood Planning
Results in the development and implementation of action-oriented, local plans, that address place-based social and physical conditions in conjunction with the private sector.

Contact Information

City of Scottsdale – Long Range Planning
7447 E. Indian School Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251  

Adam Yaron
Planning & Development Area Manager 
P: 480-312-2761
Email: [email protected]

Taylor Reynolds
Principal Planner
P: 480-312-7924
Email: [email protected]

Ben Moriarity
Senior Planner
P: 480-312-2836
Email: [email protected]

Nick Carroll
P: 480-312-4205
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