Historic Preservation Program

Established in 1997 by the City Council, the Scottsdale Historic Preservation Program, in cooperation with the Historic Preservation Commission, works to increase public awareness of Scottsdale's heritage; identify historic and cultural resources; designate and recognize significant local resources; and assist in protecting, preserving and enhancing the buildings and structures that best represent Scottsdale's past. Read more here (PDF).

To date, the Scottsdale Historic Register recognizes buildings associated with the early history of the town, the development of the arts and tourism industry in the city, and three postwar residential neighborhoods representing Scottsdale's rapid growth and development in the 1950s and 1960s. The Commission and city staff continues to research and document the city's history by actively seeking to add significant properties to the Register. 

Protection for historic properties is provided through the Historic Property Ordinance, which requires the Historic Preservation Commission to review and approve exterior alterations and demolition requests for buildings on the Scottsdale Historic Register. The Scottsdale Historic Preservation Officer administers the Historic Residential Exterior Rehabilitation Program for homeowners living in historic districts, and provides educational materials to homeowners and interested citizens to heighten public awareness and appreciation of the community's historic resources. View a copy of the city of Scottsdale Historic Property Ordinance .

Scottsdale Historic Register

To find out if your property or a property you are interested in is on the City of Scottsdale Historic Register you may download the Register List (PDF). This document is a list only.

If you are interested in viewing current case histories concerning historic preservation activities zoning and hearings.