WIFA approves $250,000 Water Conservation grant for Scottsdale Water’s residential grass removal program

The Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA) Board of Directors voted on Sept. 20 to approve a $250,000 grant to Scottsdale Water through the Water Conservation Grant Fund (WCGF). The WCGF is one of three new funds established last year by the state legislature. This fund facilitates activities that work towards water reduction and efficiency programs. Scottsdale Water applied for the grant to bolster the increase in its residential grass removal incentive rebate for this fiscal year. 

Scottsdale Water has been working hard to increase its water conservation efforts. Last fiscal year, the residential grass conversion rebate was increased from 1 to 2 dollars per square-foot for a maximum of $5,000. With the increased rebate amount and an enhanced messaging campaign, the response from residents was dramatic — an increase of nearly 450% from the previous years, showing the commitment Scottsdale has towards water conservation. 

In fiscal year 2023, more than 401,000 square feet of grass were removed, which will save the city more than 20 million gallons of water in subsequent years. 

The city looked to WIFA to assist in keeping this momentum going this fiscal year and is ecstatic to have the application approved by the WIFA Board. 

“Once again, Scottsdale residents demonstrate our wise stewardship of precious water,” said Mayor David D. Ortega.   

“We greatly appreciate that WIFA supports our water conservation action plans.” 

Scottsdale Water continues to look for further funding opportunities with WIFA to support additional water conservation programs and strives for further excellence in all its programs.  

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