State legislators tour Scottsdale Water’s Advanced Water Treatment Facility

Scottsdale Water was proud to partner with the AZ Water Association Wednesday to welcome a group of state legislators on a tour of the Scottsdale Water campus, including an up-close look at the city’s Advanced Water Treatment Facility

Visiting officials included: 

  • Majority Leader Leo Biasiucci
  • Representative Alexander Kolodin
  • Representative Keith Seaman
  • Representative Austin Smith
  • Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton
  • Representative Laura Terech
  • Representative Stacey Travers
  • Representative Betty Villegas
  • Senator Shawnna Bolick
  • Senator John Kavanagh
  • Senator Justine Wadsack 

The group heard updates from Mayor David D. Ortega, Nashita Naureen with AZ Water and Scottsdale Water Executive Director Brian Biesemeyer.  

“It was a pleasure to greet Arizona state legislators who share our commitment to addressing water challenges in Arizona,” Mayor David D. Ortega said.   

“Scottsdale Water professionals guided the tour of the facilities, a model for other cities in maximizing water resources through efficient and innovative planning and operations.” 

On a walking tour of the campus with Water Reclamation Services Director Brian Cassans, the group was given an overview of the city’s water purification processes, including ozonation, membrane ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet photolysis. They had the opportunity to see the Scottsdale Water systems in action and sample the final product results — ultra-purified, recycled water of a higher quality than bottled water.  

Securing Arizona’s water future is a priority for public officials statewide, and events like this offer them the chance to have their questions answered by water professionals and learn more about our community’s approach to conserving this valuable resource. 

 Learn more about Scottsdale Water and our commitment to sustainable water management

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