Scottsdale seeks public input on proposed short-term rental and nuisance party ordinances

With direction from the Mayor and City Council, Scottsdale staff have been working on ordinance changes to address issues related to short term rentals, nuisance parties and unlawful gatherings. The city seeks public opinion before the proposed changes go to the City Council for approval on May 6.   

The ordinance amendments are aimed at maintaining residents’ high quality of life while supporting tourism, which provides economic benefits that support local businesses and city services. These changes also closely follow state law and the City Council’s continued emphasis on enforceability. In 2017, the Arizona Legislature reduced the City’s ability to regulate short-term rental properties and only allows regulation related to health and public safety. These ordinance changes the city is proposing are carefully tailored to address issues, follow state law and allow law enforcement to enforce the rules.  

The three key changes under consideration are: 

  1. Adding promoters as a responsible party for nuisance party and unlawful gathering violations. Under the change, promoters who organize nuisance parties or unlawful gatherings can be held accountable along with the property owner or tenant and other responsible persons.
  2. Making it unlawful for non-residents to remain on a property after police declare a nuisance party or unlawful gathering. This would allow officers to disperse party attendees more effectively.
  3. Prohibiting minors from renting short term rentals.  

The city wants to hear from residents on the approach before the amendments go to the City Council vote in May. Fill out the form here: Short-term Rental Feedback 

Along with ordinance changes, the city continues to address issues with short-term rentals, nuisance parties and unlawful gatherings, including increasing code enforcement staff, creating a dedicated police team, updating online resources, and pursuing state legislative changes. The city appreciates public feedback on these changes and remains committed to maintaining Scottsdale as a safe, vibrant community for all. 

Find resources and information about short-term/vacation rental properties in Scottsdale at, search “short-term rentals.”


Read the draft ordinances:


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