Scottsdale City Council to delve into key sustainability priorities

The Scottsdale City Council is set to further examine crucial sections of the city's draft sustainability plan during a work study session Tuesday, March 19. The session will concentrate on the remaining priorities of energy, waste and extreme heat. 

In November, the City Council provided direction on the new framework, proposed targets and the introduction, air quality and water sections of the sustainability plan.  

The Scottsdale Environmental Advisory Commission has played a pivotal role in shaping the plan, dedicating time in its meetings to provide valuable input and review plan drafts.  

"Together, we can shape a more resilient and thriving future for our city," Sustainability Director Lisa McNeilly said. 

Highlighted excerpts from the draft text shed light on why these priorities are critical: 

Energy: Residents and businesses heavily rely on energy sources for daily operations. Becoming more energy efficient not only leads to cleaner air and health benefits, but also supports green jobs, generates cost savings and protects the environment by reducing pollutants. 

Waste: Efficient waste management benefits everyone by reducing reliance on finite natural resources, yielding cost savings, reducing litter and creating jobs. Increasing recycling, changing packaging practices and offering compost receptacles lessens the pressure on landfills, saves energy, and reduces pollution from manufacturing. 

Extreme Heat: 2023 witnessed record-breaking heat globally and regionally. The sustainability plan addresses the impact of extreme heat on energy consumption, health and the economy.  

Scottsdale's Community Sustainability Plan aims to be a comprehensive roadmap with specific action steps, aligning with the 2035 General Plan and reaffirming the city's commitment to environmental stewardship. 

The upcoming City Council work study session marks another significant step forward in this sustainability journey, underscoring the city's dedication to being good stewards of the environment. 

Scottsdale encourages active participation and invites interested parties to learn more about the sustainability plan by visiting and searching for "sustainability plan." 

View the agenda item. 

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