Sustainability Plan

Scottsdale is a special place with a reputation for livability, known for unparalleled leisure and world-class amenities. The diversity and natural beauty of Scottsdale’s landscapes are among its defining features, and the city has championed environmental stewardship while maintaining a high quality of life for residents, visitors and businesses. The public consistently agrees the “overall quality of natural environment in Scottsdale” is essential or very important.

As Scottsdale nears build-out, expanding our sustainability efforts will be even more important. The city understands that without thoughtful planning and stewardship, our environment and quality of life may be negatively impacted by longstanding and systemic trends – including drought, extreme heat, air pollution and economic and social inequities.

As part of our commitment to be more sustainable, build creative solutions and solve environmental challenges, the city of Scottsdale is crafting its first Sustainability Plan. The plan will tie together goals, strategies, actions, and metrics for improving sustainability, and provide a vision of a shared future for Scottsdale.


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The Sustainability Plan builds on Scottsdale's legacy of effective, resident-centered governance and sound economic management and seeks to improve the quality of life for all residents, to preserve our Sonoran Desert environment, and to fulfill our responsibility to future generations.

Have ideas about the most important actions the city can take to improve sustainability? Have questions or want to learn more about upcoming events?

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Lisa McNeilly - Sustainability Director
P: 480-312-2831
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