Action plan sets stage for Scottsdale’s transportation future

With a handful of major street and road projects underway, residents may wonder how these are planned. Enter Scottsdale’s Transportation Action Plan, a tool that contains the objectives, policies and guidelines for transportation decisions in Scottsdale.

Created in 2022, the plan was finalized through a public process that included outreach meetings and citizen commission review prior to final City Council approval. The plan acknowledges significant changes in community priorities, traffic patterns, technology and funding and reflects a shift towards a more sustainable and active transportation system. It emphasizes flexibility and adaptability to recognize the needs and opportunities of Scottsdale’s different character areas – goals and values in the plan align with the voter approved Scottsdale General Plan.

The plan highlights the importance of preserving and improving existing infrastructure. This includes upgrading roads to meet modern safety and accessibility standards, closing gaps in paths and trails and improving regional connectivity. A notable change in the city’s Transportation Action Plan was the reclassification of streets based on traffic volumes. This reclassification allows for the creation of “complete streets,” which are designed to move cars effectively and efficiently while improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists. By accommodating multiple modes of transportation, Scottsdale aims to promote active lifestyles, improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion.

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