A tale of two Caitlins

With March Madness underway, Caitlin Clark, a guard for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, has gained acclaim for her remarkable scoring ability, pinpoint passing and knack for delivering clutch performances when it matters most. 

So, when Scottsdale Planning Specialist Caitlin Clark received a LinkedIn message from an L.A. producer seeking a real-life Caitlin Clark, she was intrigued. Caitlin decided to respond, wanting to know more. 

And Caitlin quickly realized that the request was indeed legitimate – the ask was for her to star in a Xfinity commercial alongside the real-life college basketball phenom who shares her name. The production company had previously created a commercial featuring two Christian McCaffreys, the 49ers running back, and another Christian McCaffrey – a restaurant manager.  

Feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness, Caitlin made the bold decision to fly to Los Angeles for a day of filming. "It was nerve-wracking, but I decided, why not?" she said. "I had fun with it." 

Upon arriving on set, Caitlin was asked to do everything from dribbling to shooting hoops, tasks she hadn't anticipated as part of her job description. "And I read lines - a lot of lines and even improvised a little," she added, recounting the whirlwind experience. 

Standing at just 5'2", Caitlin couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of some of the requests. "Dribbling a ball between my legs doesn't quite work," she joked, reflecting on the challenges of portraying a basketball player. 

Despite the physical demands and the unfamiliar territory, Caitlin embraced the opportunity.  

"It was an interesting experience - to be compared to an enigma," she remarked. "She's an amazing player who's bringing intrigue to women's basketball and women's college sports in general." 

The two Caitlins share more than just a name; they bear a striking resemblance and spell their names identically. However, Caitlin Clark, the planning specialist, is quick to point out the glaring differences between herself and the basketball star. "Athletic? Not so much," she quipped. 

While the commercial may have primarily focused on her namesake's basketball prowess, Caitlin saw it as a chance to shine a spotlight on our city and her work. 

"It was fun to put city planning and the city of Scottsdale on the map," Caitlin remarked. 

And though she may never lace up her sneakers for a professional game, Caitlin’s experience will surely be one she remembers.  


Watch the commercial.



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