Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Event

The City of Scottsdale’s Citizen Service Department, Scottsdale Police Department, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, and local Scottsdale Midas are partnering together to offer a FREE catalytic converter theft prevention event. We want to help you should your car be the next victim. All vehicles will receive an etching of the last 5 digits of their vin number, License Plate number, and a stencil that says, “SPD.”

Should your catalytic converter ever be stolen, Scottsdale Police will now have a way to track and return it to the rightful owner. If it does make it to a scrap yard, typically they will not take a catalytic converter that has these etchings or stencils on them.

Etching and stencil work should take no more than eight minutes per vehicle. Registration required as this event is by appointment only. Light refreshments and snacks will be available, and Scottsdale Police Department along with others will be in attendance.

This event is FULL. Future events will be planned, watch our website for additional details.

Contact Information

Ross Heyl
P: 480-312-2832
[email protected] 


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Catalytic Event at Scottsdale Midas