Victim Satisfaction Survey

The City of Scottsdale Department of Victim Services is conducting a survey to measure the quality of our victim assistance services. This survey is not intended to measure your satisfaction with prosecution and/or court-based activities related to your case. Please select the answer that most closely describes your thoughts about the services you have received from the Victim Services staff. All responses are confidential. Your input will help us maintain and improve our services. Thank you for your help.

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Victim Notification/Advocacy Services
The victim notification letters were easy to understand, accurate and timely.
Victim Services treated me with fairness and respect and listened to my concerns
As a result of my contact with victim services I had a better understanding of my victim rights and what to expect throughout the criminal justice process.
Victim services referred me to resources to help assist me with my victimization.
If I need assistance in the future, I would contact Victim Services again.
Optional Information
Is this the first time you have received services from the Scottsdale Department of Victim Services?
If you wish to discuss your experience in more detail, please contact the Department of Victim Services at 480-312-4226 and request to speak with the Supervisor.

Contact Information

City of Scottsdale - Victim Services
3700 N. 75th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
P: 480-312-4226
F: 480-312-9004