Valley Safety Officers Committee

The Valley Safety Officers, a subcommittee of the Regional Operations Consistency Committee (ROCC), has membership from all auto-aid partners (labor and management) and involvement statewide through the Arizona Fire Chiefs (AFG) Safety Section.

Mission Statement

“A subcommittee of the ROCC whose focus is preventing firefighter injury and death by utilizing the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation's 16 Safety Initiatives to increase awareness, with a continued focus on risk versus benefit analysis, education, health & wellness, and the exchange of information to all Valley Departments.”

For further information or needs from the VSOs, please cont act the chairs:

If your department would like to participate on the Valley Safety Officers Committee, please reach out. We welcome the participation!

Emergency Scene Wash Down

The emergency scene “wash down” or “gross decon” protocol is intended to encapsulate and wash off cancer causing toxins encountered at a fire scene. Personnel exposed to these carcinogens shall participate in this process of “wash down.” This type of emergency scene “wash down” has been recommended by the CDC/NIOSH as the most reliable process to date. When performed thoroughly, this process can remove up to 80% of the contaminants before firefighters begin to remove and handle their gear. This can result in limiting the cross-contamination that occurs when removing and handling the turnout garments.

The following files are available to you for reference.

Valleywide Safety Officer Files

2022 Safety Stand Down documents

Safety Stand Down archives