Formed by 1992 petition to the City Council, the Scottsdale Mountain Community Facilities District is a special purpose taxing district and separate political subdivision under Arizona statutes. As such, the District can levy taxes and issue bonds, independent of the City of Scottsdale, Arizona (City). Property owners within the District boundaries pay for District infrastructure and functions through secondary property tax assessments. City staff administers the District and the costs of their services are reimbursed by District funds. The Scottsdale City Council also serves as the District Board of Directors.

The District was formed to finance and acquire or construct amenities that are subsequently dedicated to the City for operation. The District does not own or operate infrastructure. Since formation, District bonds have been issued, and the proceeds used to acquire land included in the Scottsdale Mountain Preserve, to construct water and sewer lines and related infrastructure, and to address drainage within this district


Financial Highlights

For the year ending 2021/22, the District’s:

  • Tax collections and beginning fund balances were sufficient to pay expenses.
  • Governmental funds reported an ending fund balance of $23,489.
  • Governmental fund revenues were less than expenditures by $5,653.
  • Significant bond indentures were satisfied and no longer applicable; debt service was paid in full June 30, 2018.

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2024

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