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Scottsdale Police Detective Ryan So died Thursday, June 13, after sustaining duty-related injuries.

Detective So honorably served the city of Scottsdale and the Scottsdale Police Department for 9 years, ending his watch as a dedicated member of the Special Assignments Unit.

Detective So, a Navy veteran, is survived by his wife and three children. 

This is an unimaginable tragedy for both Ryan’s family and his police family at SPD. Please keep Detective So’s loved ones and colleagues in your thoughts as they cope with this very sudden loss.

Mayor David D. Ortega adds, "On behalf of the City Council, we mourn the tragic loss of Detective So, who will be forever remembered for his courage and valor. We offer our deepest condolences to his family and to the entire Scottsdale Police Department family."

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by Scottsdale Police Department Public Information Office
Jun 18, 2024
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