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Airport's Sustainability Efforts Highlighted in Recent Report

In a recent presentation by Mead & Hunt, engineering consultants, the sustainability efforts of Scottsdale Airport were highlighted. The report emphasized the commitment of the airport to do its part for environmental responsibility and listed the various airport projects that have contributed to significant energy savings and waste reduction.

Three federally funded projects completed since 2018, made significant strides in sustainability:

Runway Electrical Project -- successfully avoided the use of 8,420 kilowatt hours annually and diverted 2.5 tons of waste from landfill. This is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions avoided by diverting 2.5 tons of waste from the landfill to a recycling facility. 

Runway 3-21 Rehabilitation project -- saved 4,130 gallons of gas. These savings are equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the energy usage of 4.6 homes for an entire year. 

Taxiway lights and signs replaced to LED lights from 2018 -2023 -- avoids using 30,240 kilowatt hours annually. This reduction in electricity consumption is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 930 bags of waste instead of them being sent to a landfill.

The overall electricity use for the Airport has been reduced by over 50% since 2018.

Looking ahead to future projects, the Perimeter Road Rehabilitation, Airport Drive Rehabilitation, and Taxiway 4 Rehabilitation projects scheduled for 2023 are also focused on energy efficiency, waste reduction and other environmentally friendly technologies.

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by Sarah Ferrara
May 16, 2024
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