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Zoning Verifications

The City does not issue zoning verification letters, and does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of zoning information for any purpose. However, the City has the following helpful tools available for property information research: Please use the Property Information link for parcel zoning information, including zoning, case history, and permit history. From the zoning history date and reference numbers, please obtain the most recent official adopted Zoning Ordinance for the property by using the City Clerk's Archived Document Search link.

Special Zoning Districts

Environmentally Sensitive Lands Overlay (ESL) & Natural Area Open Space (NAOS)

The intent and purpose of the ESL is to identify and protect environmentally sensitive lands in the City and to promote public health and safety by controlling development on these lands.


Foothills Overlay (F-O)

The Foothills Overlay (F-O)links to external site zoning district recognizes and preserves the rural desert character in the low density lands.

Foothills Overlay (F-O)

Character Area Plans

Character Area Plans are components of the General Plan that are used to guide future development and revitalization within specific areas of the city.

Character Area Plans

Scenic Corridors & Streetscapes

Scenic Corridors are major thoroughfares designated by the General Plan to have scenic desert landscape setbacks, providing a sense of openness for the community.

Scenic Corridors & Streetscapes

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