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A film permit is required for the commercial use of any public street, road, alley, or right-of-way. A permit is not required for filming or videotaping on private property or for filming of persons, scenes, occurrences or events, which is done for news gathering purposes in the general public interest, for use in criminal investigations by law enforcement agencies or for use in any judicial proceedings.

Filming on public property is regulated by the Scottsdale Revised Code, Chapter 16: Sec. 16-431 through Sec. 16-451. All requests for photo shoots, commercials, television, feature films or any other film production that utilize the right-of-way are processed by the Tourism and Events department.  A film permit application must be completed and emailed with the required certificate of insurance. A Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Scottsdale as "additional insured" must be submitted with the completed application. The address for the certificate is 7447 E. Indian School Rd. Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. Permits will not be issued without a certificate of insurance.

If you are filming at a specific city facility, please contact them directly for approval. Facility rental and permit fees apply.

Depending on the nature of the activity proposed, applications will be reviewed by the appropriate department staff including but not limited to fire, police, risk management and traffic engineering officials. If your film project requires police officers for safety reasons or to provide traffic control, officers may be contracted through the Scottsdale Police Department. To hire Scottsdale Police Officers email or call 480-312-4385. For more information visit hiring an off-duty officer.  

Contact Information

City of Scottsdale - Tourism & Events
7447 E. Indian School Road #301
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 

Holli Shannon
Tourism Assistant
P: 480-312-7177

Cheryl Sumners
Events Manager 
P: 480-312-7834


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