Airport Economic Benefit Study

Scottsdale Airport, a premier general aviation airport, is an important economic asset for Scottsdale and the region contributing hundreds of millions of dollars in economic output. The Scottsdale Airpark, the second largest employment center in Arizona, surrounds the airport and features taxilane access to the airport from private facilities through secured gates.

Scottsdale Airport contracted with Coffman Associates and researchers at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University to update its Economic Benefit study. The last study was completed with the Airport’s Master Plan in 2015.

The study’s results provide insights into the significant economic contributions of Scottsdale Airport and the role it plays in bolstering benefits even across other activities.


Total Economic Benefits of Scottsdale Airport/Airpark

  • Aviation activity at the Airport and in the Airpark created $688 million total economic benefits for the region in FY 2019
  • Aviation activity supported 3,979 total jobs with incomes of $241 million
  • Aviation activity added $37 million to local and state tax revenues
  • Economic benefits of $1.9 million are created daily
  • Catalytic (spin-off) non-aviation Airpark activity added benefits of $10 billion

Economic Benefits on the Airport

  • The 70 private employers on the airport had revenues of $162 million
  • There are 801 aviation jobs on the airport with incomes of $63 million
  • Airport firms and agencies paid out $42 million to local suppliers
  • There are 485 aircraft arrivals and departures on an average day

Economic Benefits on the Airpark

  • The 63 aviation-related Airpark firms reported revenues of $202 million
  • The 903 aviation-related jobs on the Airpark create incomes of $65 million
  • Airpark aviation-related firms paid out $65 million to local suppliers
  • There are 150 aircraft based in the Airpark, primarily business jets

Air Visitors to Scottsdale Airport

  • Visitors arriving at Scottsdale Airport spent $54 million in the region
  • Air visitor spending supported 577 tourism industry jobs in the area
  • On an average day, air visitors inject $149,000 into the local economy
  • An overnight visiting travel party arriving by private jet will spend an average of $6,237 during their stay in the Scottsdale area



The study used data sources from Scottsdale Airport, Scottsdale’s Tourism and Events Department, Colliers International, Scottsdale Airport and Airpark Employer survey, Federal Aviation Administration, Longwoods International and IMPLAN Group. The IMPLAN model is typically used nationwide to study economic contribution of airports.

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