Thompson Peak Park Dog Park


Project Overview

This project will build a three-and-a-half-acre dog park consisting of separate fenced and gated areas. The park will be designed and constructed in a manner similar to the off-leash area at Chaparral Park and provide pet owners a safe place to exercise their dogs.

The project will include:

  • Three fenced cells or play areas for dogs
  • Shade canopies, benches, water fountains and pet waste disposal stations
  • A footbridge to connect the off-leash area to existing park amenities
  • Additional parking along Hayden Road
  • A new restroom building
  • Public Art

illustrated map showing the three unique dog park cell - or areas - at theThompson Peak Park

Dog parks require a great deal of space and onsite staffing to be maintained correctly. Typically, dog parks include several areas, called cells, that are rotated so the surface can rest and be properly maintained. Without the right maintenance and allocation of space, off leash areas turn into areas of dirt and mud from continuous daily use.

The Thompson Peak Dog Park will have one 1.5-acre cell with a grass surface, one 1-acre cell with a wood chip surface and a second 1-acre cell with a grass surface.  This cell configuration will allow for less down time due to maintenance for park users and save water.

This project is an element of the Phase II amenities contained within the Thompson Peak Park conceptual master plan, was identified in the Community Services Master Plan (June 2015) and funding was approved by voters as part of the 2019 Bond Election.

rending of new dog park at Thompson Peak Park

Public Art

Artist Shachi Kale will create four art panels that will be placed on the shade structures in the center cell of the dog park.  

Shachi Kale’s inspiration: 

“Using my love for storytelling and whimsy and folk art, this design incorporates the plant life, mountain landscape, and a variety of dogs, doing dog things! Birds and cats make appearances, too. Dog lovers will enjoy the range of dog shapes and personalities, and this is a fun nod to why dog parks are such a wonderful place where our dogs can explore and be in the company of other dogs in a safe, fun way.”

rendering of new artistic shade panels planned for Thompson Peak Park dog park


Frequently Asked Questions

Three. Chaparral dog park, Horizon dog park and Vista del Camino dog park.

Thompson Peak Dog Park will operate in a similar manner and follow the same rules as all Scottsdale dog parks. To learn more, visit the dog park webpage.

Maintenance will be performed on the dog park on a regular schedule, a minimum of two days a week.

Scottsdale parks are open from sunrise to 10:30 p.m. daily. Dog parks have two weekly, 4-hour maintenance windows when the dog parks are closed for mowing and other maintenance.

Off-leash areas require a great deal of space and onsite staffing to be maintained correctly. Typically, off leash areas include several areas, called cells, that are rotated so grass can rest and be properly maintained. Without the right maintenance and allocation of space, off leash areas turn into areas of dirt and mud from continuous daily use.

Scottsdale is using surfaces other that grass in off leash areas for several reasons. They allow for less down time, save water, cost less to build and maintain and don't require as much space.

Wood chips will be used in one of the cells.

The dog park is being built in the powerline corridor and there are several restrictions on what can be placed under the powerlines. In fact, the entire park was designed around specific restrictions to allow maintenance to be done on the powerlines without damaging the park improvements.

The site will be fenced, and tree salvage will begin in the spring of 2024. Park construction will begin in the summer of 2024 and take about a year to complete.


Project Schedule

Thompson Peak Park Dog Park Project Schedule
November 2019 Funding approved in the 2019 Bond Election
Spring 2022 Design Contract Approved by City Council and Design Begins
Spring/Summer 2023 Public Meeting and Stakeholder Outreach
Fall & Winter 2023 Final Design
Spring 2024

Native Tree Salvage and Relocation

Fall 2024 Construction Begins
Fall 2025 Park Complete

Public Outreach

A public meeting was held on Monday, April 24 at the McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatic Center, 15525 N Thompson Peak Pkwy. View what was presented to the community.

image of a map showing different areas in Thompson Peak Park

Scottsdale Dog Parks

Chaparral Dog Park
Scottsdale's most popular dog park includes 3-acres of grass, benches, play features and water fountains. Two areas will be open the majority of the time with one area designated for active dogs and another for passive dogs. The third area (on rotation) will be closed for maintenance and turf repair. 

Horizon Dog Park 
This small dog park is located in a retention basin on the far west end of Horizon Park. It has a large shade structure, a water fountain for you and your dog, and a water feature to control the dust. This area of the park is prone to flooding after a storm. 

Vista del Camino Park 
This half-acre dog park has plenty of shade trees, benches and water fountains for you and your dog to enjoy.

Thompson Peak Dog Park (Coming Summer 2025)
Three-and-a-half acre dog park consisting of three fenced and gated areas.

Read more about Scottsdale dog parks.


Project Information

Bond 2019: Question 1, Project Number 42, Add a Dog Park to Thompson Peak Park

Budget: $6.1 million

Funding Source: Bond 2019 & General Fund

Sponsoring Division: Parks & Recreation

Project Location: Thompson Peak Park is located at 20199 N 78th Pl., at the southwest corner of Hayden Road and Thompson Peak Pkwy.

Provide Public Comment

off leash area outlined on the southwest corner of thompson peak parkway and hayden road

Contact Information

Nathan Crowell
Project Manager
P: 480-312-2367
[email protected]