Fire Station 612


Project Overview

Design and construct a new 12,000 square foot fire station northwest of the Airpark near the 101 and Hayden Road to improve response times. The response times from this station are significantly impacted by its location and explosive growth for residential and commercial properties in the area. As a result, both stations 609 and 611 have a response time that exceeds the goal of 4 minutes. By moving the station closer to the geographic center of the area it serves and improving access, the response times for emergency services will improve significantly.

The City of Scottsdale is also building a new Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Well next to the fire station. This is one of four locations the wells are being built as part of the city's commitment to maximizing renewable surface water supplies and minimizing the use of groundwater. The wells will ensure long-term water supply sustainability by recharging high quality, potable water directly into the aquifer when water demand is low (late fall and winter months) and retain the capability to withdraw groundwater during high demand or emergencies.

Public Meeting

A public meeting was held on Nov. 28, 2022.

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Project Details

The goal of this project is to improve response times, specifically in the area northwest of the Airpark, to four minutes or less as detailed in the Fire Department's Standards of Coverage. Four minutes is a critical timeframe to begin receiving treatment during a medical emergency to increase patient survivability and is Scottsdale's goal for emergency response. This change will impact both stations 609 and 611 by introducing a new station in between the two, allowing each station to better serve the geographic center of the areas they cover, reducing response times.

This project will build a new 12,000 square foot fire station northwest of the Airpark near the 101 and Hayden Road to improve response times to the surrounding area. The new station will include, but is not limited to; three apparatus bays, OSHA compliant decontamination area, back-up generator, personal protective equipment storage, physical fitness area, locker rooms and bathrooms, office space, laundry facilities, twelve sleeping quarters, full kitchen, dining area and day room.

The new fire station design meets current OSHA standards and NFPA recommendations for a contemporary fire station. The new station in this area is anticipated to have a workload of over 2000 incidents per year.

Public Comment

Project Information

Bond 2019: Question 3, Project 28

Budget: $10,500,000

Sponsoring Division: Fire

Bond Project Year: 2019

Project Location: The northeast corner of Hayden Road and Mayo Blvd.

Contact Information

Roger Berna
Project Manager
P: 480-312-7845
[email protected]