Campaign Signs

Given Scottsdale’s longstanding approach to minimizing visual blight, the city utilizes the sign code to balance multiple community goals – aesthetics, public safety and informing the electorate. The following summary of City Code requirements and safety standards is intended to provide guidance/direction to you and your campaign representatives to ensure compliance with city regulations.

Campaign Sign Regulations (PDF)

State Law on Campaign Signs

Arizona Revised Statutes 16-1019 - If the sign is (1) in the right of way, checks to ensure that the sign meets the following:  (2) The sign supports or opposes a candidate for public office or it supports or opposes a ballot measure.  (3) The sign is not placed in a location that is hazardous to public safety, obstructs clear vision in the area or interferes with the requirements of the Americans with disabilities act (42 United States Code §§ 12101 through 12213 and 47 United States Code §§ 225 and 611).  (4) The sign has a maximum area of sixteen square feet, if the sign is located in an area zoned for residential use, or a maximum area of thirty-two square feet if the sign is located in any other area.  (5) The sign contains the name and telephone number of the candidate or campaign committee contact person.


City Temporary Sign Regulations 

All temporary non-commercial signs, including campaign signs, are prohibited in the public right-of-way and on construction fencing

The Scottsdale City Council approved modifications to its sign code related to temporary signs in April 2007. Since campaign signs are considered temporary signs, they are required to meet these regulations which prohibit temporary signs in the public right-of-way.

Section 8.600 of the Scottsdale's Sign ordinance regulates temporary signs.

Placement and Removal of Signs

Section 8.601 of Scottsdale's Sign ordinance regulates temporary campaign signs to be placed on private property for a period of time not to exceed 120 days. Due to their construction and material, temporary signs are prone to creating concerns related to maintenance, litter and blight. For this reason, temporary signage is limited to 120 days. Signs that exceed permissible time limits are subject to citations and fines.
Campaign signs are limited to 16 square feet in size and 10 feet in height (32 sq.ft. behind dedicated scenic corridor easements); there are no other "signage calculations" for campaign signs.
Candidates, ballot measures and their representatives are strongly encouraged to be sensitive to the placement and understand the placement regulations.  Because the Zoning Ordinance restricts placement of temporary (including candidate and ballot measure signs) to private property, the city can only ensure that placement meets ordinance requirements. 

Sign Installation

All temporary signs are required to be placed on private property outside the public right-of-way.  Actual right-of-way dimensions vary depending on improvements and street designs. Because of this variation, all signs must be a minimum 20’ from back of street improvement of edge of curb (see drawing A) and must be outside the 25-foot safety triangle (drawing B).

Temp Non Commerical Signs - 20 ft Setback

Signs must be placed on private property at least 20 ft back from the edge of improvements.

Temporary, Non-Commercial Signs 25 ft Safety Triangle

On corners, signs over 2 feet in height are not allowed in the 25 ft safety triangle.

Sign Free Zones

Sign Free Zones

Resolution No. 8853 established two sign free zones as authorized by Arizona Revised Statute in HB 2500.  In these sign free zones the State Law's limitations on local enforcement for campaign and ballot signs do not apply. 

Follow this link to the Scottsdale Interactive Map that show the two sign free zones.