Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are the seniors selected to be a recipient?

A. The seniors that qualify for the program receive home delivered meals, are home-bound, have low income, do not have family contact, and/or are clients of City of Scottsdale social workers.  If you or someone you know could qualify to be a recipient of this program, he/she must be screened by a City of Scottsdale social worker by calling 480-312-5810.

Q. What is the biggest need?

A. We really need people to "adopt" the seniors, which will cover all of their needs.  However, if you want to make a general donation, then we suggest donating $35 grocery gift cards, personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, shaving supplies) or books of Forever stamps. Every senior receives one of each. Our seniors shop at Albertsons, Basha's, Fry's, Safeway, and Walmart.

Q. Can I volunteer my time to this program?

A. No. Due to privacy restrictions with our clients, all aspects of the program, especially the delivery process, is done by City of Scottsdale social workers and staff. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the other Scottsdale Shares participants or view the City of Scottsdale's Volunteer page.

Q. When will I receive my senior's wish list?

A. The recipients receive the wish lists the third week of October. It can take up to four weeks for the wish lists to be mailed back to Via Linda. The wish lists are forwarded in the order that we receive the adoption form from the donors. The earliest you will receive your wish list is the first week of November. The absolute latest is the last week of November. Please understand that this process is based on when you submit your form and how quickly the wish lists come back to us.

Q. When are donations due?

A. All donations, especially gift bags if you adopted, are needed by Tuesday, Dec. 1. However, monetary, gift card, and stamp donations can be donated until Wednesday, Dec. 23.

Q. Are donations tax deductible?

A. Yes. Your donations are processed through Concerned Citizens for Community Health, a 501(c)(3) organization. Please use the Tax ID# 95 341 6943 for your tax deductible contributions.

Q. Can I deliver the gift bag to my senior?

A. No. Once again, due to privacy restrictions with our clients, all aspects of the program, especially the delivery process, is done by City of Scottsdale social workers and staff. If you are interested in volunteering your time for this kind of service, there are nonprofit organizations across the valley that provide this type of service to seniors. One example would be home delivered meals.

Program Contact

Rebecca Kurth, Human Services Representative
P: 480-312-5811

Thank you notes from previous recipients:

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the lovely gifts I received from you. I was overwhelmed w/your generosity. The warm robe, slippers, the bath items. The practical items that are always needed. The dogs loved the toys. Then to top it off, the generous gift cards. I’m not able to find the words to explain what a positive effect you have had on my life.”

“I am enjoying everything…The sheets, fry pan, toiletries, etc., I am pleased with everything. My dogs loved their toys, All will come in handy. Thanks for the extra help. My income is limited and you are more than kind. Your generosity will be rewarded. God Bless You.”

“Sincere thanks for the beautiful and useful gifts. They are very much appreciated. Also, the visit from three gracious ladies, which made my day.”

“Thank you for the great gifts I received as part of the Adopt A Senior program. It certainly made this one of the more memorable holidays in a long, long time! A big thanks goes to whoever selected the clothing, as the size and colors were perfect. The Fry’s gift card was a great aid to my budget, as were the stamps and other useful items.”

“My gifts are beautiful. I’m so grateful.”

“Via Linda Senior Center, Granite Reef Senior Center, Paiute Center; You all spread the light to so many.”

“Thank you for the beautiful box of yarn and cards. This will keep me busy for some time.”

“A note of thanks to the people involved in the Adopt A Senior program. A big thank you for this year’s generous bag of gifts. It contained many items that pleased and surprised me. And that are coming in so handy. I am particularly grateful for the generous Gift cards from Safeway and PetSmart. Mary thanks and best wishes for a Very Happy New Year.”

“A big Thank You to each and everyone who gave of themselves to make my Holiday. I actually cried, because so many of gifts were on my suggestion list. What a wonderful holiday I had. I am very grateful and appreciative.”