Rules and Safety

Park Rules

  • No dogs, bicycles, or motorized vehicles allowed on the trail.
  • Smoking is prohibited everywhere in the park, including the parking lot.
  • Rock climbing, for experienced climbers with appropriate gear, is permitted in
    designated climbing areas and accessed by the climbing trails only.
  • All trail users should stay to the right hand side of the trail.
  • All park users must exit the park by dusk.
  • Parking is permitted only at the trailhead.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the park.
  • Please pack out your trash.
  • Commercial activities are NOT allowed in the park.
  • All persons using the park must comply with all federal, state, county and city laws, rules and regulations.
  • It is prohibited to remove anything from the park other than trash. All wildlife, plant material and rock specimens must remain in the park.

Safety Information

  • The trail is 3.5 miles round trip, 1.75 mile one-way. It is not a loop trail.
  • BE ALERT! Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • A hat, sunscreen, shoes with good tread and at least a quart of water per person is needed to comfortably take this hike.
  • Allow at least two hours for the full hike.
  • Stay on the designated trail at all times.
  • There are no facilities on the west end of the trail.  Temperatures can exceed 100°F (43°C) between April and November.
  • Brief and powerful thunderstorms and lightning can occur during warmer months. Avoid using the trail during storms.
  • The desert has numerous plants and animals that poke, impale, sting, and bite.
  • Snakes, insects, and spiders are part of the ecosystem and a few of them have poison in their defense mechanism. If encountered, give them plenty of room and do not panic. Rarely are they aggressive and in time will move away from you if left alone.

Park Information

Pinnacle Peak Park
26802 N. 102nd Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
P: 480-312-0990

Dave Myers 
Natural Resources Supervisor
P: 480-312-0990
[email protected]

Trail Map (PDF)

Hours (PDF)

NOTE: The evening trail closure routine begins on the west end of the park one hour prior to the posted closing time. If you are not at the end of the trail one hour prior to closing, you will need to turn around when you meet the trail rangers.