Individual Drawings are provided in both PDF and DWG file formats.
DWG files require software such as AutoCAD.

     Wall Panel Screen Panel
Segment 1Southern Gateway - "Rivulet" Panel  (PDF)  (DWG)(PDF)(DWG)
Segment 2Downtown - "Homestead" Panel   (PDF)  (DWG)(PDF)(DWG)
Segment 3Resort Corridor - "Distant Mesa" Panel  (PDF)  (DWG)(PDF)(DWG)
Segment 4Central Corridor - "Desert Wash" Panel  (PDF)  (DWG)(PDF)(DWG)
Segment 5Northern Corridor - "Desert Bloom" Panel  (PDF)  (DWG)(PDF)(DWG)
Segment 6Desert Foothills Scenic Drive - "Mesquite Bosque" Panel  (PDF)  (DWG)(PDF)(DWG)
For segment limit definitions refer to the Scottsdale Road Streetscape Design Guidelines (PDF).
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