Install High Efficiency Sports Lighting at 4 Facilities


Project Overview

This project replaced, upgraded or installed new lighting systems for sports fields at Laguna and Pima schools, Horizon Park and at two unlit fields at Scottsdale Sports Complex to meet increased demand and current sports lighting standards, and to minimize light spillage in adjacent neighborhoods. This project was completed in 2021.

Project History

This project includes the replacement, upgrading, or installation of field lighting poles, fixtures, lamps and electrical service at various recreation facilities throughout the City. The proposed scope includes replacing poles, lights, wiring and any associated electrical panel improvements.

This project is one of nine 'Action Projects' identified in the 2015 Community Services master plan. The project is necessary in order to meet current sports lighting standards and to minimize light spillage in surrounding neighborhoods. By illuminating more fields throughout the City, we will increase the number of fields available for nighttime use and generate additional field rental revenue.

The replacement of existing lights on 2 fields each at Laguna and Pima schools as well as four fields at Horizon Park addressed increased demand as well as provide savings due to more energy efficient equipment.

New high efficiency, LED field lighting was installed on Fields 5 & 6 at the Scottsdale Sports Complex. The new lights have eliminated the need for temporary, generator run lighting during special events and are anticipated to utilize 35 percent less power than traditional field lights, while providing a safe, and well-lit playing surface. Four, 70' tall light poles were installed at each field and each pole was fitted with 4 fully shielded, aimable light fixtures to minimized light spillage. The newly lit fields at Scottsdale Sports Complex are anticipated to generate approximately $10,000 per year in additional revenue and offset any utility costs associated with the new lights.

Project Information

Bond 2019,Question 1,Project 24

Budget: $1,224,300

Sponsoring Division: Community Services

Funding Source: Bond 2019

Project Location: Laguna School, Pima School and Horizon Park