Install High Efficiency Sports Lighting at 4 Facilities


Project Overview

This project will replace, upgrade or install new lighting systems for sports fields at Laguna and Pima schools, Horizon Park and at two currently unlit fields at Scottsdale Sports Complex to meet increased demand and current sports lighting standards, and to minimize light spillage in adjacent neighborhoods.

Project History

This project includes the replacement, upgrading, or installation of field lighting poles, fixtures, lamps and electrical service at various recreation facilities throughout the City. The proposed scope includes replacing poles, lights, wiring and any associated electrical panel improvements.

This project is one of nine 'Action Projects' identified in the 2015 Community Services master plan. The project is necessary in order to meet current sports lighting standards and to minimize light spillage in surrounding neighborhoods. By illuminating more fields throughout the City, we will increase the number of fields available for nighttime use and generate additional field rental revenue.

The replacement of existing lights on 2 fields each at Laguna and Pima schools as well as four fields at Horizon Park will address increased demand as well as provide savings due to more energy efficient equipment.

Scottsdale Sports Complex

New high efficiency, LED field lighting will be installed on Fields 5 & 6 at the Scottsdale Sports Complex this fall. The new lights will eliminate the need for temporary, generator run lighting during special events and are anticipated to utilize 35 percent less power than traditional field lights, while providing a safe, and well-lit playing surface. Four, 70’ tall light poles will be installed per field. Each pole will be fitted with 4 fully shielded, aimable light fixtures to minimized light spillage. The newly lit fields at Scottsdale Sports Complex would generate approximately $10,000 per year in additional revenue and offset any utility costs associated with the new lights.

Community Involvement

Scottsdale Sports Complex Lights Virtual Public Meeting

To participate in the virtual public meeting for the Scottsdale Sports Complex Lights please follow these steps:

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The presentation will remain online once the meeting is over and all comments will be included in the public involvement report as the project continues to mover though the public process.

Frequently Asked Questions

New permanent lights will be added to fields 5 & 6 at the Scottsdale Sports Complex. There are currently four light fields at the facility and upon completion of this project there will be six. These fields will be used for flat-field sports such as soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey and rugby.

The field lights will be installed on the 2 fields at the northeast corner of Hayden Rd. and Bell Rd. identified as fields 5 and 6.

This project will consist of constructing eight 70’ foot poles around the permitter of fields 5 & 6. Each of these poles will be fitted with four fully shielded, aimable light fixtures. These new lights will require 35 percent less power than traditional field lights and are newer than the fixtures currently used in the rest of the park. To see what these light fixtures look like please visit Horizon Park at 15444 N. 100th St.

These fields will be lighted using fully shielded aimable LED sports lighting fixtures, which mitigates any light spillage and utilizes 35 percent less power than traditional field lights.

The lights are needed to meet the increased demand for lighted sports fields in the community. Scottsdale is receiving an increasing number both youth and adult recreation requests for lighted fields. Additionally, increasing the number of lighted sports fields at the Scottsdale Sports Complex will allow the city to pursue bringing larger tournaments to the area, increasing revenue and positively affecting the economy with tournament visitors.

There are approximately 15 lighted soccer/multiuse fields in Scottsdale that are either a part of the parks system or are used though an intergovernmental agreement with the school district to host these types of flat-field sports. There is a waiting list throughout Scottsdale for these types of facilities by various youth & adults sports leagues, trainings, and weekend tournaments.

In general, the fields will be used by youth and community sports leagues, training sessions, and weekend tournaments. The fields will be reserved via a first-come, first-served allocation method. There will be a seasonal allocation process for hourly events, and a full facility reservation process for tournaments/special events.

The Scottsdale Sports Complex is open for reservation play from 8 a.m.-10:30 p.m. daily.

This project was approved by Scottsdale voters as part of the 2019 Bond Election, Question 1, Project 24, Install High Efficiency Sports Lighting at 4 Facilities.

The project budget for lighting fields 5 & 6 is $560,000.

Yes, the lights on both Fields 5 & 6 will be installed at the same time. The project is anticipated to take 3-4 weeks and is schooled to begin in late-September.

The goal is to have the lights on fields 5 & 6 operational by the Fall of 2021.

Project Timeline

The lighting projects at Lagua and Pima schools and Horizon Park are complete. The design process is underway for the lights at Scottsdale Sports Complex and construction is scheduled to take place in 2021.

Project Information

Bond 2019,Question 1,Project 24

Budget: $1,224,300

Sponsoring Division: Community Services

Funding Source: Bond 2019

Project Location: Laguna School, Pima School and Horizon Park