Downtown Splash Pad


Project Information

Construction work will begin Sept. 30 on a new splash pad near the Marshall Way Bridge in Old Town Scottsdale. The new splash pad will replace the turf area by the fountain closest to Stetson Dr. on the south approach to the Marshall Way Bridge. 

The splash pad will be user activated, low water use, plaza-style splash pad.  During events in the area, the splash pad may be deactivated to allow for booths to be set up. Due to budget constraints, plans for the splash pad have changed since the concepts originally presented to the community last spring and several elements of the project were removed.  To view the types of emitters that will be used, please see the renderings below.

Construction work will take place Monday – Friday between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., with the majority of work occurring in the morning and early afternoon.  The work site will be fenced wrapped with banners to minimize the impact of construction on surrounding businesses.  Work is scheduled to be complete at the end of November, with a break in construction Nov. 8-19 for Canal Convergence.  

Spray Pad Elements

Project Information

Budget: $169,900

Sponsoring Division: Tourism & Events

Funding Source: General Fund

Project Location: South End of Marshall Way Plaza