Temporary Banner Permit Coronavirus (COVID-19) Announcement
  • Businesses that would like to obtain a banner approval to display a banner on their storefront may now apply for a banner approval online on this webpage.
  • The City of Scottsdale is relaxing its temporary banner requirements by:
    1. Allowing a business the ability to obtain a banner approval more than once in a calendar year,
    2. Providing an opportunity for a business to request an extension to the 35-day banner display limit until the COVID-19 situation is resolved, as determined by the City of Scottsdale, and
    3. Waiving the $32.00 Banner Permit Fee until the end of May 2021.
Temporary Banner General Requirements & Rules
  • Only allowed on properties in Commercial Zoning Districts. 
  • Maximum Size: 4 feet x 8 feet or 3 feet x 10.5 feet (or any dimension that adds up to 32 square feet).
  • Maximum Mounting Height: 36 feet, not to extend above any roof line.
  • Placement: On the business storefront, securely attached to the building façade.
  • Quantity: One (1) banner per business or organization.
  • Maximum Display Duration: 35 consecutive days, with an option to request an extension.
  • The 35-day duration begins one (1) day after the banner application is approved.
  • The banner shall be made of weather resistant material, shall be securely fastened to the building façade, and shall be installed in a manner that does not create a traffic or pedestrian hazard or obstruct any sidewalks or pedestrian pathways.    


Step 1

Submit Your Custom Banner Design 

A business that is applying for a custom banner design must comply with Governor Ducey's Executive Order "Essential Services Requirements" links to external site.

If you wish to use a custom banner design that announces your modified store hours or services to comply with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and requirements, please download and complete the Banner Application and follow the Custom Banner Guidelines:

Banner Approval Application

Custom Banner Guidelines
  • Maximum Size: 4 feet x 8 feet or 3 feet x 10.5 feet (or any variation that adds up to 32 square feet)
  • Background Color: White
  • Font & Logos: Corporate colors, fonts and logos are allowed and should contrast to the white background for maximum visibility.
  • The banner message should convey to the public modified store hours and/or service offerings such as take-out, drive-thru, etc.
  • Additional messaging is optional.

 Step 2

Submit Your Banner Application & Banner Design for Approval

 The following documents MUST be attached to the email message, and they need to be of high or print quality resolution:

  1. Completed Banner Approval Application (PDF) If you are using a smartphone or tablet device, it is recommended that you download the Adobe Fill & Sign app to sign the application digitally.
  2. Banner Drawing/Rendering (PDF, JPG, PNG): Provide a drawing, rendering, or photo of the proposed banner, complying with the Custom Banner Guidelines or one of the three Scottsdale Good To-Go Banner design (examples below).

Click on the email address below and attach Items #1 thru #2 listed above into the email body. In the email subject line, type the name of the business, then the address of the business, and end it with “Banner Application” (email subject line EXAMPLE: One Civic Center 7447 E. Indian School Rd. #105 Banner Application). Send your Banner Application to the City for review.

Step 3

Banner Application Review and Approval

After you submit your Banner Application, Planning Department Staff will review your application and contact you if there are any questions. The review time frame goal is 24 to 48 hours.

If your application is approved, Planning Department Staff will email you an approved banner plan that will be stamped and dated. The 35-day timeframe begins one (1) day after your banner approval.

If you wish to request an extension to your banner approval, before your approval expires, please email to request a 35-day extension. The City will review your extension request based on the current COVID-19 situation, and if the government mandate for social distancing is still in-effect.

Prohibited (Illegal) Temporary Signs

The following examples of temporary signs are not allowed, and no permit exists for these types of signs:

  • Street banners
  • Vertical feather/blade banners
  • Temporary signs attached to utility poles, street signs, or bandit signs stuck into the ground
  • Gobo (lighting) signs projected onto any structure or surface.
  • Pennants, balloons, and other inflatable devices, unless such devices are approved in conjunction with a Special Event Permit

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