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GBlogo_newThe Green Building Program encourages a whole-systems approach through design and building techniques to minimize environmental impact and reduce the energy consumption of buildings while contributing to the health of its occupants.

Green Building Lecture Series

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2015-2016 Lecture Series  (PDF) 

February 4, 2016

Living an Edible and Sustainable Life

Join Joan Baron as she shares the benefits and how-to's of growing your own healthy food, herbs, edible flowers and fruit trees in our desert environment. Learn about our planting and harvesting seasons and how easy it is to raise chickens in your back yard. Find out about the wide range of community gardens available for you to participate in and how school gardens provide students with valuable skills. Come join in the conversation and be inspired to grow.

Joan has lived and worked in south Scottsdale since Joan Baron1980 where she also maintains a busy custom tile studio and socially engaged art practice. Joan will share her experiences and evolution of gardening in a conversational format so you can learn new tips and ideas about growing foods, herbs and medicinal plants. With her hands-on approach to sharing knowledge, you will leave confident in living and practicing a sustainable lifestyle that contributes to the environment. You will be inspired by the diversity of ideas and locations that Joan incorporates to maintain a beautiful setting in which to live year-round. The importance of seed saving and developing healthy soil through composting will also be addressed. Get ready to turn on your taste buds and ignite your senses!!

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