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Chaparral Park

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Ramada & Picnic Areas

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Make your request online or on our voicemail system:

(480) 312-7707

The Facility Booking Office handles reservation requests
only for the facilities listed below:

Outdoor Facilities
Cactus Park and Aquatic Center
Chaparral Park
Eldorado Park and Aquatic Center
Horizon Park
Indian School Park
McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatic Center    
Mountain View Park
Scottsdale Ranch Park
Thompson Peak Park
Vista del Camino Park
Indoor Facilities
Chaparral Park
Eldorado Park
Florence Ely Nelson Desert Center
Horizon Park
Mountain View Park
Rio Montana Park
Via Linda Senior Center
Vista del Camino Park

To reserve a field for a Youth Sports Organization, please call (480) 312-7968.
Picnic Table

For other facilties in the city, please contact:

Granite Reef Senior Center    (480) 312-1700   
Libraries    (480) 312-7946
McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park    (480) 312-2312
Paiute Neighborhood Center    (480) 312-2529
Scottsdale Center for the Arts    (480) 874-4604
Scottsdale Ranch Park Tennis Center    (480) 312-7774
Scottsdale Sports Complex    (480) 312-7529
Scottsdale Stadium    (480) 312-2586
Stonegate Equestrian Park    (480) 312-7774
WestWorld    (480) 312-6802


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