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Design Standards & Policies Manual (DS&PM)

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2009 DS&PM Manual effective February 7th, 2010

The most recent version of the 2009 manual is available below.

                                The documents provided are in PDF and are best viewed using the Free Adobe Reader not a part of the city of Scottsdale website (leavingcos.gif 340 bytes) version 8.0; some features will not work with older versions.  

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                                Table of Contents



                                 2009 DS&PM

                                1  Introduction  (pdf/2.18kb/60pp/01-12-10)
                                      1-1    Development Processes
                                      1-2    Improvement Plan Requirements
                                2  Site Planning (pdf/2.19MB/64pp/01-12-10)
                                      2-1    General Considerations & Requirements
                                      2-2    Environmentally Sensitive Lands (ESL)
                                 3  Land Divisions & Dedications (pdf/925kb/46pp/01-12-10)
                                4  Grading & Drainage (pdf/3.6MB/48pp/01-12-10)
                                5   Transportation (pdf/7MB/188pp/01-12-10)
                                      5-1     Transportation Impact Studies
                                      5-2     ROW Management
                                      5-3     Geometrics
                                      5-4     Traffic Signal Design
                                      5-5     Signs & Markings
                                      5-6     Transit
                                      5-7     Bikeways
                                      5-8     Pedestrian Facilities
                                      5-9     Neighborhood Traffic Management
                                      5-10   Flexible Pavement
                                6   Water (pdf/948kb/31pp/01-12-10)
                                7   Wastewater (pdf/642kb/24pp/01-12-10)
                                8  Streetscapes, Parks & Trails (pdf/3.14MB/90pp/01-12-10)
                                      8-1     Landscaped Medians/ROWs
                                      8-2     Parks
                                      8-3     Non-Paved Trails
                                9   Public Works & Facilities (pdf/3.65MB/66pp/01-12-10)
                                      9-1     Infrastructure Plan Requirements
                                      9-2     Facilities Plan Requirements
                                      9-3     Building Standards
                                      9-4     Construction Bid Documents
                                10  Native Plants (pdf/392kb/10pp/01-12-10)
                                 11  Fire (pdf/414kb/8pp/01-12-10)
                                 12  Disability Access (pdf/977kb/14pp/01-12-10)

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