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Recreation & Fitness

Scottsdale Senior Services offers a wide range of recreation, fitness, leisure and entertainment opportunities.  Daily activities include line dancing, table tennis, pinochle, billiards, table tennis, bingo, bowling and a number of exercise programs.  A number of special events are offered at our various facilities throughout the year.   Our walking clubs offer a great opportunity to see different parks and trails throughout the valley.

Fitness Centers

Get fit and stay fit at at one of our state-of-the-art fitness facilities.  Our fitness centers offer an extensive variety of free weights, ellipticals, circuit machines, stationary bikes, cardio equipment and treadmills.  The fitness centers, which are great alternatives to a health club, are equipped with flat panel TV's for all of the cardio machines. 


$40 quarterly • Scottsdale Residents
$60 quarterly • Non-residents
$3 daily drop-in fee

Participants may register anytime within a quarterly session and prorations are applied so you are only paying for the time you are using our facilities during a specific quarterly session.  Daily drop-in fees provide convenient options for visitors or whose who don't want to be committed to an ongoing membership.


If the game of bridge interests you, look no further.  The Granite Reef and Via Linda Senior Centers offer a number of ACBL sanctioned games throughout the week, in addition to countless social bridge games.  Fees for sanctioned games at the Scottsdale Senior Centers are a fraction of what you would pay at a private bridge studio.  Call our facilties for a detailed schedule of games offered throughout the week.

Bridge Results

Art Programs

The two Scottsdale Senior Centers offer endless art opportunities, from classes and workshops to free art education programs facilitated by the Phoenix Art Museum, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) and Scottsdale Public Art.  Additionally, we are committed to providing special events that engage Scottsdale's 50+ community in the arts.  From gallery art shows to large scale art fairs, we have a little something for everyone.  Contact the individual centers for a specific list of art opportunities. 

Billiards, Table Tennis & Games

Both of our Senior Centers have billiards rooms, with tournament quality tables and equipment.  Drop-in billiards is free and open to the public.  There are minimal times throughout the year when the billiard rooms are closed for classes, but they are otherwise available to the public during our hours of operation.  We offer scheduled table tennis times as well, which are available for players of all levels.  Countless other games, like bocce ball, Wii Bowling, badminton and softball, are available through Scottsdale Senior Services.

Senior Softball

Scottsdale seniors have been participating in drop-in Senior Softball for decades.  Batting practice and games are held on Tuesday and Friday mornings at rotating ballfields throughout the City of Scottsdale.  There is no fee for Senior Softball and there are various times throughout the year when games are not held due to field availability. 

2015 Senior Softball Schedule

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