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Dynamite Foothills Character Area Plan

Dynamite FoothillsWhat Is It?

The character plan was a recommendation of the CityShape process where a three-level planning approach was put into place. Character Areas were the "middle" level of the three. Similar to past area studies that looked at General Plan elements (land use, transportation, public facilities) for a designated area, character plans also include design and character guidelines and recommendations. The completed Character Plans were approved by City Council as additions to the General Plan.

City Council adopted - March 2000

Where Does It Apply?

Dynamite Foothills area sits between 112th Street to the west, the eastern city boundary, Deer Valley Road to the south, and Lone Mountain Road to the north.

Dynamite Foothills Character Area Map (PDF)

Why Was It Developed?

Dynamite Foothills Character Area Plan (PDF)

The Dynamite Foothills Character Area Plan (Resolution No. 5492) sets forth the long-term vision created for the area through the character area planning process. The goals and strategies seek to embrace this unique desert area and its Rurual Desert character. A companion document, the Dynamite Foothills Implementation Program, includes design and performance guidelines as well as potential city action items as a means to illustrate how to attain the vision of the plan.

Key Points:

  1. Three goals for the Dynamite Foothills area:
    • Preserve the existing rural desert character of this area.
    • Balance the relationship of different types of development to the environment.
    • Promote open space.
  2. For the most part, existing densities were deemed appropriate for this area of the city (2-3 acre lots).
  3. Open Space is critical to maintaining the rural desert character and should be provided as a visual, recreational, or character enhancing amenity.
  4. Native vegetation is encouraged in streetscapes.
  5. Infrastructure can be used to enhance the character through minimizing street widths, using alternatives to asphalt paving, street alignments that respond to the natural terrain, ribbon curbs, minimal street lighting, trail systems rather than sidewalks, and using colors and textures that blend with the natural environment.
  6. Site planning minimizing the visual impact of development is encouraged.
  7. A larger Scenic Corridor along Dynamite Boulevard should be considered.
  8. Non-residential uses or specific uses like golf courses and low intensity resorts will be considered if they are low-scale, low-intensity, and similar in character to residential development.
  9. Piecemeal development is encouraged.
  10. Gated communities are discouraged.

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