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The McDowell Corridor is an 8-square mile area which spans McDowell Road from Pima Road west to Phoenix, and includes surrounding neighborhoods north to Osborn Road and south to the City limits, map (PDF).


McDowell Corridor News

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McDowell Road Corridor Spotlight

The Scottsdale Independent recently published an article regarding the McDowell Road Corridor South Scottsdale resurgence shows signs of life along McDowell Road Corridor.
Visualizing Revitalization in the McDowell Road Corridor

Private investment and revitalization is on display in this before and after document.
New, easy way to find out what’s happening along McDowell Corridor

A new interactive map shows major development activity within the McDowell Corridor.
Council reduces building fees for McDowell Corridor

Residents and businesses in the McDowell Corridor will be less for building permit fees during a two-year test period.
Expanded transit service begins October 2014

The city’s Fiscal Year 2014/15 budget included a $450,000 annual investment for improved transit service primarily within the McDowell Corridor.
Mighty McDowell: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Scottsdale’s Southern Core

Through the past four decades, McDowell Road in Scottsdale has witnessed the highs and lows of growth, recession and renewal as the regional economy boomed, then busted and is now slowly but steadily recovering.

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  Erin Perreault, AICP
  Long Range Planning Manager
  P: 480-312-7093

  Taylor Reynolds
  Senior Planner, Project Manager
  P: 480-312-7924



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