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Adaptive Services

Adaptive Services provides comprehensive programs and services, designed to meet the expressed needs of our citizens with disabilities, so as to enhance quality of life, and promote optimal leisure functioning and inclusive recreation participation. Our programs are geared for persons of all ages, having various types of disabilities. We facilitate mainstreamed recreation participation as well as provide population specific programs. The City of Scottsdale supports the Americans with Disabilities Act and full inclusion of citizens with disabilities.

Making a Difference

Hear how Adaptive Services has made a difference in the lives of brothers Dave and Jeff as well as Pam and Mikayla.

Programs Offered

Adaptive ServicesThe City of Scottsdale is committed to supporting the full inclusion of persons with disabilities into all public facilities, programs, and activities by offering both inclusion-based services and population specific programs. To access and enjoy any of these programs, please contact Adaptive Services at 480-312-2234.

All requests must be made after the following:

Requests must be made a minimum of 14 business days prior to the starting date of the program.

After-school and Summer Programs

  • Population-specific Afternoon and Summer Teen Connection programs for teenagers with disabilities aged 12-22.
  • Inclusion Services for children with disabilities in the city's mainstream After School and Summer programs.
  • All city after-school and summer programs offer a variety of activities including fitness, cooking, social skill development and community excursions.

Community Integration Programs

  • Monthly Social Club community outings for adults. Activities include plays, sporting events, museum visits, community festivals, local attractions, etc.
  • Monthly dances for teens and adults on the second Saturday of every month. $2 entry fee at the door while a live DJ spins today's popular hits.
  • Weekly Spectacular Saturday Club for adults! This day program for adults costs $20 per Saturday and includes a variety of programmed activities and excursions.

Outdoor Recreation

Annual spring three-day outdoor retreat. Past locations have included Whispering Hope Ranch, Camp Shadow Pines, and Lake Pleasant.

Awards Program for People with Disabilities

This annual awards ceremony recognizes those who provide counseling, education and jobs for people with disabilities. In addition, the community pays tribute to those with disabilities who have provided outstanding examples of courage, perseverance and love in the face of adversity.

Scottsdale Bobcats Special Olympics Sports

  • Adult sports (18 years+) include: Aquatics, Bowling, Golf (Individual Skills and Unified), Basketball (Individual Skills, Traditional, Unified), Track & Field, Flag Football (Unified) 
  • Jr. sports (8 - 17 years) include: Aquatics, Bowling, Basketball, Golf (Individual Skill) and Track & Field

Parks & Recreation Accommodations

Adaptive Services staff can assist, accommodate and facilitate participation for participants with disabilities in mainstreamed Parks & Recreation classes.

Adaptive Services Participation Requirements & Considerations

  • All participants must have an Adaptive Services Form (PDF) on file with Adaptive Services prior to participating in the program. Submit the form online, request one by phone 480-312-2234 or email
  • All participants of Scottsdale's Special Olympics programs must have a Special Olympics Medical Form (PDF) on file with Adaptive Services prior to participating. It must be filled out by a doctor and is good for three years for any of our Specials Olympic sports. This form is required for Special Olympics sports only.
  • Adaptive programs are for participants 16 and up who can take care of their self-help needs. A personal aide may attend at no charge for participants requiring personal/intrusive services. Please call 480-312-2234 for more information.

Contact Information

Adaptive Services Center
8102 E. Jackrabbit Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
P: 480-312-2234
Neal Hallihan
P: 480-312-2218
Deanna Zuppan
Operations Supervisor
P: 480-312-2204

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