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Scottsdale’s transportation department plans and engineers the city’s transportation systems.

Bike sharing 

In November bike share companies began operating in Scottsdale. Customers use a smart phone app to find a nearby available bike, unlock it, ride it to their destination and then park and lock it,  making it available for the next customer. Bike share companies and their customers are responsible for obeying all state laws and city ordinances when using and parking bikes. The bike share companies also attempt to relocate bikes to match demand and to help ensure proper placement. Bike share companies are privately owned and operated and are not affiliated with the city. If you have a concern about a bike's location, it's best to contact the appropriate company directly.  Below is contact information for the four companies currently operating in Scottsdale, or they can also each be contacted through their associated smartphone app:


LimeBike (Green and Yellow)
support@limebike.comlinks to external site
Call or text: 888-546-3345links to external site

Spin (Orange)
Call: 888-262-5189links to external site links to external site(instant messaging available)


Ofo (Yellow)
support@ofobike.comlinks to external site


GR:D (all green)
info@gridbikes.comlinks to external site
Call: 602-753-4743links to external site
(SoBi app)


For more information, please see our information sheet with frequently asked questions. The city welcomes all feedback from the community.   

Transportation Master Plan

The Scottsdale City Council voted 5 – 2 to adopt the 2016 Transportation Master Plan  (PDF).  For more information, please see the City Council Meeting Agenda with notes  (PDF), or you may view a video recording of the meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Banks, public information officer for the Transportation Department:  480-312-7517  or .

Contact Information

City of Scottsdale - Transportation 
7447 E. Indian School Rd., Suite 205 
Scottsdale, AZ 85251  
P: 480-312-7250
TDD: 480-312-5419
F:  480-312-4000

Traffic Engineering
P: 480-312-7250

Street Operations
P: 480-312-5620

Traffic Management Center 
P: 480-312-7777 (6 a.m. - 6 p.m. weekdays)
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