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Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas


  • Pool & Spa Permit Application & Checklist  (PDF)
  • Effective October 1, 2009 the city will require original site plans (copies no longer accepted) for pool plan submittals for properties zoned ESL.  See Pool Site Plan Requirements  (PDF).
  • All swimming pool plans are required to identify the location of the required swimming pool barrier fencing and the height of the fencing.   Pool plans must include placement/location of required walls/fences (can be combined on the same site plan) -- pool plan approval will not occur until the accompanying fence/wall plan has been approved.


The standard setback requirements for pools is 2 ft from the property line UNLESS the property has an easement (i.e. PUE, drainage, NAOS and a use and benefit easement). If there is an easement affecting the property, the swimming pool, kool deck AND pool equipment cannot violate/disturb the easement. If no easements affect the placement of pool equipment, the 2 ft setback does not apply to pool pump equipment; however, a pool heater vent termination shall comply with the manufacture's listing and the IRC and pool equipment cannot be closer than 10 ft to any opening to an indoor living area on an adjacent property.


Scottsdale’s current swimming pool barrier requirements apply to all single-family residential swimming pools, spas and hot tubs constructed after July 20, 1995. There are no exemptions for households without children. 

Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs & Spas must conform to the 2012 International Building Code. The purpose of these requirements is to provide an integrated level of protection against potential swimming pool drownings through the use of physical barriers and warning devices. It is not intended as a substitute for adult supervision of children.

The current requirements for new swimming pools include a fence that separates the pool from OTHER property (commonly a perimeter fence, located on the property line) that is at least 60” (5’-0”) high; and a barrier which separates the pool from the house on the SAME property, which may be a fence 48” high.

Since the requirements are not retroactive, pools constructed prior to July 15, 1992, need only comply with the 54” perimeter yard fencing and gate requirement in effect at the time. Pools constructed from July 15, 1992, until July 20, 1995, must meet the current requirements, except perimeter fence height, which was 54” (4’-6”) at the time.

It is the responsibility of the pool builder to inform the new pool owner of the barrier requirements. It is the responsibility of the property owner or any other person in charge of a swimming pool to ensure that the required swimming pool barrier, including gates, doors, alarms, locks and / or latches are maintained in safe and good working order at all times.

These pool safety provisions are based upon nationally established standards and are designed to assist homeowners in the supervision of their pools for current or future use by children. We feel they offer reasonable opportunities for Scottsdale homeowners to provide for adequate pool safety by integrating various components of barrier protection.